Outside influences  - some are audible, some are not

One-way Flight

When arranging the song I used the atmosphere of Home By The Sea by Genesis as a reference point. Apart from the instrumental middle section and its transition to the final verse this probably isn´t very obvious.

Distant Windows

The piano theme emerged at a time when I liked to play the closing section of Musical Box by Genesis on the piano.

The Centre Of My World

The song was written on top of the looped pattern of the drum computer which made it sound bit more like the Phil Collins years of Genesis than the rest of the songs.

Garrison Church

The guitar prelude (not featured in the present version) quotes a few notes from ish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

Sunshine or Rain

Inspiring example for the synth solo was Second Home By The Sea by Genesis that I consider the standard of a an extremely powerful keyboard solo. As a tribute to that song I couldn´t resist to quote the matching drums at least for a single bar.

Things You Ought To Know

The general topic of the song was inspired by The Dangling Conversation by Simon & Garfunkel.

Winter Sky At Night

I wanted the chorus to resemble the style and atmosphere of the closing section of Humdrum by Peter Gabriel without really sounding like it. And yet experts might find a stolen element from that song that I actually meant to replace by something else once the writing was finished - and haven´t yet.

In This Life

The instrumental closing section of In This Life is meant as a tribute to the music of the early Genesis. To add a different point of view to the subject of the lyrics I quoted the guitar from The Musical Box by Genesis - which refers to its story of the little boy who suddenly finds himself to be an old man but has kept a child´s mind.

Lonesome Way (Requiem)

To underline the lyrics I quoted the theme from Åses Death by Edvard Grieg.
The following pages feature a few songs that I wrote and recorded within the last years. A few of them date back more than 10 years and for In This Life I even used a musical idea that I had worked out back in 1991 on the Commodore AMIGA.

Comments on the sound quality

The technical possibilities to record your own music without any expensive external hardware have improved significantly during the last years. In spite of that I had to accept the fact that I won´t be able to get a professional-sounding mixdown without a huge amount of skills and experience. So the realistic aim of my recordings can only be to convey every of my musical ideas ar least in a way that the listener has a chance to guess how it was meant and how it actually should have sounded.