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  • "The drums are inappropriate and spoil the atmosphere. Especially at the end no drums should appear."
Lonesome Way
The blazing sunlight fills the room
Yet the darkness will remain
While children play and flowers bloom
Black shadows cruelly reign
It´s burned into my mind
Your final thoughts in the moment of no return
When you´d left this world behind
All alone on your way
I´m blessed with years of joy you gave me
I treasure every day
The times when you were there to save me
Are just a thought of you away
You´d want me to be strong
But last night they played your song on the radio
Am I thankless when I long
For just one more day?
The things in life to do or undo
The words still left to say
May you´ve found peace of mind to guide you
Along your lonesome way
You know that I will strive
That your heart and your soul for a lifetime live on in me
I´ll keep the flame alive
That was a light of my way

Lonesome Way

At the end of this little collection of songs, a few general thoughts about life and death should not be forgotten. Well, ok - the truth of the matter is that they could be forgotten without any problems. And of course there were even very good reasons to choose quite a different, much more positive conclusion. Maybe next time.
The very first version of "Lonesome Way" was inspired by Bruce Springsteen´s live version of "Dream Baby Dream". So the arrangement intentionally was quite monotonous and meant to sound mantra-like. The opinions of others were very diverse so I finally decided to try an adaptation that is a bit more dynamic.
The chorus of the song was only made up of a textless murmur when I was writing the music. I meant to finally replace it by extremely moving words that unfortunately were yet to be written. Conveniently I soon came to the conclusion that this wordless option sounded quite appropriate - at least musically. On the other hand I did not want to decline providing a set of complete lyrics including a decent chorus yet again (after "Distant Windows" and "In This Life"). So I translated the final lines of the song ("I´ll keep the flame alive that was a light of my way") in Latin and put it behind the murmured non-text trying to make it sound a bit like a monk chant. Unfortunately my last Latin lesson took place very, very long ago. So I´d better skip the exact wording of my translation at this point: I have seen "Life of Brian" at least ten times and therefore I know perfectly well what can happen to me in case of wrong Latin grammar. People called 'Romanes' go the house.
I tried to leave out any obvious references to religious thoughts or rituals in the lyrics themselves so there is only a subtle musical reference instead: The first chords cite the intro of "Watcher of the Skies" by Genesis. The title of this song alludes to the impression that many people seem to find relieve in the idea of a deceased person looking down on them from high above.
A second musical reference is the destinctive sequence of notes from "Åse´s Death" by Edvard Grieg - played by what is euphemistically named "french horns" in my keyboards´ preset lists.