Comments, remarks and
suggestions for improvement
  • The "violin" sound at the end obviously is a synth and should be replaced by a real violin.
  • Personally, I like the keyboard sound at the beginning. Others don´t. Change it or not?
  • The same question with reference to the synth solo in the middle. It was meant as a tribute to "Firth of Fifth" by Genesis, but a few people told me to drop it.
Garrison Church
Walking back home from a party last night
Taking the long way through the park
A few drinks, melancholy and the stars shining bright
Around me just shadows in the dark
A cold night in December, dark clouds passing by
In the distance by the church some pale white light
I sat down on the park bench and when I closed my eyes
The scenery at once was vivified
The tower of scarlet under skies of blue
Leads me to a secret place
The happiest moments that I ever knew
Are those at Garrison Church in your embrace
The sunlight gently warming, the spring is in the air
The light paints a pattern through the trees
The scent of your perfume lets me know you are there
So much closer with every breeze
The look upon your face every time I meet your eyes
The smile that robs me of my own free will
Each time I hold your hand it´s the moment I could die
This is the moment when time should stand still
When you said farewell I swore I couldn´t take one day
I prayed that this hurting wouldn´t last
To face a life without you, all alone on our way
Now I wonder how the years have gone so fast
I don´t have a picture preserving this time
And the years before our goodbye
But each time in the park when I hear those churchbells chime
I can go back to our bench and close my eyes

Garrison Church

I wrote this song when I lived above the glass roofs of Wilhelmshaven´s mall "Nordseepassage". From my terrace I had a good view to the church rising above the trees of a park. During summer a few macaws belonging to a café next to the park used to fly across the treetops.
At this time my workplace wasn´t far away from the church. At lunchbreak, I usually crossed the park past the church and the café´s enclosures with further exotic birds.
One day after a christmas party I walked along the path next to these enclosures. With the darkness and extreme frost around instead of sunlight and exotic birds it looked much less appealing. In fact it didn´t even seem as if this could be the same place as it was in summer. This sensation was the basis for a fictional story that is meant to draw a parallel between the physical changes of the setting and changes in the life of the fictional narrator.