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  • "Try to replace the piano sound with an electric guitar."
Distant Windows
Early morning, the light still low
Some sad tune on the radio
Those distant windows they all look the same
But there´s one that sets my heart aflame
When it´s still dark outside I see the light
Shining over from the other side
Only for a while I see you near
For a while everything looks so clear to me
I see those people ´round you passing by
From my window like a distant spy
Here in this fortress that you left so blue
I sit and wait to catch a glimpse of you
Only for a while I see you clear
Too soon the daylight makes you disappear
Those tinted windows soon reflect the light
Until you fade behind a gloss of white again
Around here everything is still the same
Just like the day when I first heard your name
All that was common now appears so new
Since I have to stay here without you
Sometimes I see your picture everywhere
Smiling at me like you were still there
When will those mem´ries finally set me free?
Those bittersweet mirages haunting me
Every place here tells a memory
Every thing around is like the key
To feelings ruling me from deep inside
Where only agony and tears reside
In my drawer still that photograph
From a time when we both used to laugh
Now that my days are like an endless trial
At least to see our picture lets me smile again
From now on we´ll be walking separate ways
My hopes and dreams replaced by empty space
The happy thoughts that were uplifting me
Now will collapse to wreckage and debris
The peerless time with you has gone too fast
One day you´ll be a shadow of the past
But though I must pretend and try to hide
The memory of our time will be a part of me

Distant Windows

For a few general remarks about the sound quality, please look at the overview page.
I built this song around a little piano line which I wrote about 15 years ago when I used to experiment around with the closing section of The Musical Box by Genesis. The song consists of only four chords that run through the whole song. So it definitely doesn´t delight with harmonic surprises. Instead, I wanted to put my focus on creating a gloomy atmosphere. One element that I wanted to try out by all means was the sound of the well-known AT-AT walkers from The Empire Strikes Back that I tried to use as a rhythmic instrument.
The illustration above shows the building from which I can look across a marketplace towards those "distant windows" which inspired me to write the song. In real life, my office is on the other side of the building you see in the picture and the tinted windows of the other building meanwhile have been replaced by regular window panes.