Kritik, Anregungen und
  • "Das Lied ist immer noch zu lang. Unbedingt noch eine Strophe rausschmeißen oder sonstwie kürzen!"
  • "Tod den Plastikgeigen! Entweder ganz raus oder durch echte ersetzen."
  • "Die Rhythmus-Bass-Sektion könnte etwas glatter klingen. Es fehlt der Grrove."
  • "Eine Prise E-Gitarre würde dem Song nicht schaden."
  • "Gesangsmelodie zu einfach / berechenbar."
Things You Ought To Know
Sometimes I still relive those moments
When nothing seemed alright
When you were sitting there right next to me
But you were out of sight
Hard times had gotten harder
Faults and failing big and small
All those years of trust and confidence
Locked behind a wall
Oh, I swear that every day I meant to talk to you
Not to wait just a single night
But when the room was only filled with our bitterness
It never felt quite right
Oh, how I hoped it could ever be the same
Oh, but for sure it is me I have to blame
For when you looked like a stranger I still acted as if part of a game
You seemed so deep in your shell I never dared to tell you all the things you ought to know
When every word left unspoken left me feeling weary and numb
I felt some part of me die as the days went by while I watched our distance grow
Always hoping for this moment - that would never come
Wordless staring towards the window
In a far-off state of mind
But though my lips were often sealed by the things you said
My eyes were never blind
I still remembered facing you speechless
Dazed by the sparkling of your eyes
Still when that sparkling meant no longer good to me
It made my heartbeat rise
I know throughout our time you must have felt deserted
You never said but it´s not hard to figure out
Because regarding what I said and what I didn´t say
You surely had to doubt
You turned your back because you felt we´re different people
And I was not the trusted one I used to be
But now looking back I now for sure you had to judge
By what the eye could see

Things You Ought To Know

Ein paar allgemeine Hinweise zur mittelmäßigen Klangqualität sind in der Übersicht zu finden.
Der Inhalt des Liedes ist inspiriert von "The Dangling Conversation" von Simon & Garfunkel.
Ursprünglich war der Text noch länger, aber ich habe ihn um eine Strophe gekürzt. Die meisten Menschen sind der Meinung, ich hätte damit nicht schon nach einer einzigen Strophe aufhören sollen.